Redemption: Ex Queen Pin Jemeker Thompson


Entering the Drug Game

Jemeker Thompson, also known as the “Queen Pin,” rose to the top of  the cocaine trade during the peak of the  1980s crack epidemic in Los  Angeles, California.

Evicted from her home at a young age, Thompson, determined to make money—and fast—partnered with an older man by the name of Anthony M. “Daff” Mosley. Together, they ran a successful cocaine-trafficking business in L.A. The two would later marry and have one child together, a son they named Anthony.

Rule of the ‘Queen Pin’

After several months in the drug game, Thompson and Daff decided to  expand their business by moving to a more in-demand drug, crack-cocaine.  Shortly thereafter, tragedy struck: Daff was killed while washing his  car. Eventually, a devastated Thompson trudged on, continuing to expand  the business she’d started with her late husband by making additional  connections and moving into new territories throughout the United  States. Around this same time, Thompson also invested in an L.A.-based  hair business, selling hair to celebrities, and traveling and holding  shows to show of her products.

Also during this time, Thompson  had begun dating a man known as “Cheese” who would later prove to be  less than trustworthy, cooperating with authorities and  snitching her out after the two parted ways. Thompson subsequently fled  L.A. and went into hiding.

Capture, Conviction and Sentencing

On the run for two years, in 1993,  Thompson—or the “Queen Pin,” as she was known by both the police and  media—finally decided to return to L.A. to attend her son’s 6th grade  graduation ceremony, where law-enforcement officials, suspecting her  attendance, were promptly waiting. She was  subsequently arrested, tried on and convicted of charges related to  drug-trafficking, and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

While in  prison, Thompson developed a stronger faith in God and came to disparage  her previous involvement in the drug game. She also began serving as a  minister to other inmates. “Doors began to open that only God himself  could have opened,” she later stated.

Prison Release and Later Life

Thompson was released from prison in 2005, after serving 13 years in a maximum-security prison alongside the likes of Griselda Blanco and Squeaky Fromme. The Queen Pin now serves as an evangelical minister at Second Chance Ministries in South Central, Los Angeles, which she also owns. According to Thompson, her ministerial mission is to show others that, through God, they’ll always have a second chance in life.