From The Hood To Hollywood – Lisa Buford

Meet Lisa Buford

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Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles CA, “Lisa B” realized at a very early age that she would have to take responsibility for her own success in life.

Now a successful celebrity barber and groomer of 15 years, she enjoys her work on television and movie sets in Hollywood, but life wasn’t always as glamorous for the one time single teenage mom.

Faced with many obstacles and roadblocks along the way, her ultimate success lies in her refusal to give up or give in.

Growing up in Lisa’s home, she was taught morals, character and most importantly, a disciplined work ethic.

Like many young ladies who often find themselves caught up in the arms of street men, she undoubtedly found her own life spinning out of control.

She gave birth to two children with her (then) high school love and enventually dropped out of school, all by age 16. She suffered all forms of abuse and eventually found herself (and her two children) living in between homes with very little to no financial means of support.

The hard times of being a young single mother forced Lisa to get up and fight for her life– literally. She immediately made drastic life changing decisions and placed all of her focus on not just bettering herself, but also her situation.

She knew that if there was any hope of saving herself and her kids, then she would have to do it –all by herself.

She met her challenges head on by reverting back to the morals & teachings instilled in her as a child.

Always a woman of her own hustle, she used that hustle & developed what is now, a relentless entrepreneurial mindset. She was determined & it was her time to get what was rightfully hers.

She got on her grind and set out, clippers in hand, to conquer the hair care industry –focusing on men’s haircare and grooming.


Into her young adult years, Lisa B. chased her passion and worked her way up within the industry by using her natural talent, hustler’s mentality, and self motivation.

 She has since owned a few successful barber shops in the LA area and built a strong clientele list by networking and using her own connections within the entertainment industry.

Her journey into Hollywood struck career gold when she was handpicked by Martin Lawrence to showcase her talent as his personal barber for his role in the Hollywood box office movie, Bad Boys.

Since her very first introduction into the entertainment industry, Lisa has worked on numerous Hollywood television and movie sets. After years hard work, she has worked her way out of local beauty and barber shops and seemingly effortlessly conquered the ultimate goal of most young stylists…


As the head barber of the hair department within the Hollywood MakeUp Union, she spends most of her time working on the set of the successful BET show, Real Husbands of Hollywood, which stars actor/comedian Kevin Hart.

“It’s the “show” behind the show that nobody gets to see, it’s hilarious!”

Although she is well-respected by her male counterparts and clients, Lisa admits that there are still a few stigmas that come along with being a female barber.

Like most male dominated industries, she says that gaining success as a “woman” barber is 100 times harder.

“We GOTTA be better, hustle harder, and be more determined in order to just keep up. It takes a special female to rise above the rest in this field. I have maintained my longevity by my work ethic, talent, and character and I’ve created a reputation, IN HOLLYWOOD on my OWN two feet..never on my back or knees.”

In addition to working with celebrity actors on the set of BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood, Lisa has also worked on the sets of Southland, and Cedric the Entertainer’s Soul Man.

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Though now it seems that “Lisa B” has arrived, she has never forgotten the place of hopelessness & desperation from which her struggles have brought her.

Blessed with career success, she often reflects on her journey which began by her expanding her talent and network from local L.A. salons –to becoming a highly sought after and well-respected female celebrity barber within Hollywood –to holding her current position of head of the hair department within the Hollywood MakeUp Union.

 Lisa B is a go getter, a survivor, and a boss who has driven herself from the “Hood to Hollywood”, yet she stills feels that she has much more to accomplish in life.

At the start of her career, female barbers didn’t have the resources and apprenticeship opportunities that are available today. Lisa B. had to learn the game on her own.

With the knowledge she has gained over the years, she now feels that it is her turn to giveback young girls who are looking to get into the hair business.

 “I’ve never really had a mentor or support system, that’s why it is so important for me to give back as a mentor to young girls. I started my own foundation called “Reach Back” to help inspire young girls to never give up.”

 Lisa’s accomplishments may seem effortless but she remembers her struggles and remains grounded by her faith in order to to help her move around life’s roadblocks.

“All of my obstacles are overcome through my faith and my continued walk with God.”

“Honor” and “self-respect” have gotten her to where she is, and sticking to those “G” codes helps her to remain there.

One of her favorite phrases is the biblical scripture Galatians 6:7 which reminds:

“you reap what you sow”

“A very basic principle to operating in life, basically, what goes around comes around.”

A woman of wisdom and street game, Lisa says she really doesn’t give much “advice” because she believes everyone’s situation is unique, but she does offer a few words of wisdom for young aspiring cosmetologists,

“If you want to be in this field, it has got to be something that you love and have passion for or it won’t last… but that’s everything you do in life. As a female working in Hollywood, it’s easy to lose focus but all that glitters isn’t gold. You gotta stay focused on getting your money and EARNING your respect. I’ve never slept with any of my clients, that what has kept my reputation intact, everything I have, I have earned.”

In addition to leading her team and expanding on her current success within the Hollywood MakeUp Union, Lisa also co-stars on Season 3 of WeTv’s hit reality television show, ‘La Hair’ as herself, a celebrity barber.

When she is not working with her celebrity clients on television and movie sets, or filming her own television ventures, she is busy working on her own male grooming product line which is in development, a venture that Lisa says she is “super excited” about introducing to the grooming world.

All in all, Lisa embodies the word “Gangster” and by her own definition of the word, a “Gangster” is “one who governs themselves, they make no apologies for what they do, but they also hold themselves accountable for ALL that they do.”

There is never a doubt that Lisa B will continue to self motivate and accomplish all of her goals and career aspirations.

She is a strong female who not only takes full responsibility for her own life, but also her good or bad choices — and even her successes.

She is living proof that females are not only capable, but do go as hard as men in order to achieve success, and they can do so with a pretty face, talent, dignity and self respect.

 “A female boss calls her own shots: win, lose, or draw that way she can’t blame anyone and she doesn’t owe anyone.”

Salute Lisa B.

 Hollywood Celebrity Barber. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist.

She makes her own choices and takes responsibility for her own actions.

Beautiful. Powerful.

 The Definition Of Femme Gangster.

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Brandy Cavalli-Coke, Freelance journalist


Pain And Poetry: by Jessica Kinkade

Jessica “JLynn” Kinkade is a devoted mother, writer, and most importantly, a survivor.


Her upcoming book entitled, Pain & Poetry is a memoir that will chronicle her past struggles with domestic and emotional abuse and the pain that she has endured as a result of her previous lifestyle choices as a young woman.

She is using the book to not only help motivate and inspire other women and young girls, but to also bring much needed closure to her own self. She credits her daughters as her inspiration and she is determined to deter them from the pitfalls of the streets in hopes that they will never have to endure the same struggles that she has overcome.

Far removed from the streets, negative influences, and lifestyle that once dominated her life, JLynn is now on a more positive journey and says she even works a 9-5. She plans to use Pain & Poetry as a platform into her newest career endeavor as a motivational speaker against domestic violence.

We caught up with the up and coming published writer and the newest cast member of the upcoming documentary film, “The Gangster’s Girl: Last Girl Standing” for a mini Q/A about her upcoming book release.

What inspired you to write poetry?

Poetry is sometimes the only way I can express myself. It is also a way for me to get closure with tough situations. I have been writing for so long that I don’t actually recall where I initially got my inspiration from, I was very young.

I have been using poetry as a form of expression since I was a child; I had my first poem published at age 11. 

What gives you drive and determination?

My daughters give me my drive and determination! I have 3 beautiful daughters ages 10, 6, & 5. It is very important to me for them to see me take and maintain control of my life. That hasn’t always been the case. It is NOT an option for my girls to go through any of the struggles that I have, period!

What can we expect from your upcoming book Pain & Poetry? 

Pain & Poetry is actually a memoir that includes poetry that I have written over the course of the past 15 years of my life. The poetry that is in the book is relevant to the events covered in the book. The book will touch on sexual abuse and focus on the years of domestic abuse that I have endured. The readers will be led on a journey that includes everything from sex, drugs, strip clubs and violence. The book will detail what I consider the lowest points of my life, and follow me to the point of when I decided to take back my power.

What is the release date of Pain & Poetry? 

If all goes as planned, the book will be released August of 2013. I will keep you posted on the exact date. 

Will there be any book signing events so that you can connect with your audience? 

There will definitely be a launch party held here in my home state of Nashville (TN). Depending on the success of the book, I would love to host signings in other states.  

How can your audience purchase the book? 

Pain & Poetry will be available on It will also be available in paperback, also digital and audio.



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Brandy Cavalli-Coke in talks to star in network based docu-series

Gangster Girls screenplay writer Brandy Cavalli-Coke, respectively known as just— “Bee” — recently took to her brand new YouTube channel and hinted that we could get an inside view of what its like to be one of the underworld’s most elite women.

According to entertainment manager Kelli Kamellai, Brandy is in talks with a Hollywood based media group to star in an upcoming docu-series that centers on women that are married or engaged to incarcerated men.


Brandy Cavalli casting for new docu-series centered around crime world

Brandy, aka “IL Capitana”, allegedly has deep ties to the Shower Posse organization, and is currently rumored to be married to YBM Entertainment’s HNIC, “Big Dave” a captain in the Black Mafia Organization, (also known by the 3 letters)… BMF.

Cavalli-Coke owns her own networking company based in Atlanta GA called “The Social Mob LLC” and also coordinates fundraising and clothing drives for her charity The Prettie Committee.

An up and coming writer and journalist, Brandy writes various crime based independent movie scripts and screenplays.

Her latest project, a memoir style short story tentatively entitled “From a Socialite to the Mob”, will chronicle the life of a young sheltered girl’s plight into womanhood, from a ‘street’ perspective.

Miss Coke is known throughout the underworld for her sexy looks, hot girl attitude, and loyalty to her loved ones. Not one for letting people into her personal space, she is reportedly a little “nervous, but ready” to begin filming for the new docu-series.

A widow since her early 20’s, she has survived the many pitfalls of the streets and has still managed to become somewhat of a positive example for young women that find themselves in similar positions.

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Written by Bailey Manhattan

Producer’s Note

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We look forward bringing you a heartfelt film that will both uplift and encourage young girls and women to overcome tragic situations and be victorious.

These women found themselves caught up in the grips of the street life, but through determination and focus, they were able release the grips of the streets and take control of their lives.

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