GANGSTERS: America’s Most Evil: The Kingston Kingpin

Brandy Cavalli (Coke) and a group of writers and media production has been instrumental in putting together much of the television and print media famed incarcerated “kingpin” Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

The newest project to hit airwaves is Gangsters: America’s Most Evil, a cinematic documentary series that explores the rise and fall of some of the most nefarious and notorious criminals brought to justice.
Brandy Cavalli (Coke) and her team worked extensively with producers of the very popular hit show which airs on the BIOGRAPHY channel, but due to Coke’s latest legal troubles, were given no tentative date of which the finished product would air on the cable television’s network.
“The Kingston Kingpin” features candid interviews from some of the people closest to the case as well as previous prosecutors and investigators.
Brandy, an independent crime writer and journalist, has been working with members of the Coke family to write and produce a more detailed documentary based on the life of Christopher “Dudus” Coke, entitled The Last King Of Jamrock.
No dates have been confirmed on the filming and release of the documentary.
Brandy, rumored to be the ex girlfriend/lover of Christopher Coke, is now married to “Big Dave” an alleged high ranking official of the Black Mafia Family (BMF) but still contributes and coordinates media and public relations for Christopher Coke.

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GANGSTERS: America’s Most Evil

Brandy Cavalli-Coke in talks to star in network based docu-series

Gangster Girls screenplay writer Brandy Cavalli-Coke, respectively known as just— “Bee” — recently took to her brand new YouTube channel and hinted that we could get an inside view of what its like to be one of the underworld’s most elite women.

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According to entertainment manager Kelli Kamellai, Brandy is in talks with a Hollywood based media group to star in an upcoming docu-series that centers on women that are married or engaged to incarcerated men.


Brandy Cavalli casting for new docu-series centered around crime world

Brandy, aka “IL Capitana”, allegedly has deep ties to the Shower Posse organization, and is currently rumored to be married to YBM Entertainment’s HNIC, “Big Dave” a captain in the Black Mafia Organization, (also known by the 3 letters)… BMF.

Cavalli-Coke owns her own networking company based in Atlanta GA called “The Social Mob LLC” and also coordinates fundraising and clothing drives for her charity called The Prettie Committee.

An up and coming writer and journalist, Brandy writes various crime based independent movie scripts and screenplays.

Her latest project, a memoir style short story entitled “From a Socialite to the Mob”, will chronicle the life of a young sheltered girl’s plight into womanhood, from a ‘street’ perspective.

Miss Coke is known throughout the underworld for her sexy looks, hot girl attitude, and loyalty to her loved ones. Not one for letting people into her personal space, she is reportedly a little “nervous, but ready” to begin filming for the new docu-series.

A widow since her early 20’s, she has survived the many pitfalls of the streets and has still managed to become somewhat of a positive example for young women that find themselves in similar positions.

We can’t wait to see what new projects Brandy has in store— but in the meantime, check out this freestyle that’s all over Twitter by the rap artist –Hyphy

DA VENT by Hyphy – YBM Entertainment

Around the 1:27 mark, you will hear the “Coke Brandy” plug!


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Written by Bailey Manhattan

Brandy Cavalli (Coke) escapes jail, was jamaican mob boss Christopher “Dudus” Coke to thank?

Courtesy of (CNN) Brandy Coke heads to federal court Atlanta, GA

Christopher “Dudus” Coke, the boss of the international criminal organization known as the “Shower Posse” or the “Presidential Click,” pleaded guilty in August 2011 to one count of racketeering conspiracy and one count of conspiracy to commit assault with a dangerous weapon in aid of racketeering.

Brandy, who holds Business degrees in International Marketing & Entertainment Management, put her skills to use behind the scenes  with Coke’s entertainment company Presidential Click which organized and sponsored the very popular west Kingston “Champions In Action” event.

Brandy’s career in the industry began at the age of 18 where she worked her way up from a front desk receptionist to A/R director for Southern Music Distribution, an independent music company in Atlanta, GA.

The daughter of a successful music executive, she was born into the entertainment industry and holds a unique skill set for negotiating.

A woman of her own street savvy skills, personality, and connections, she has become a successful business woman in the Marketing & Sales genre and credits her days of “running with the boys” for her teachings.

Like many other gangster molls, she was called into questioning regarding the business dealings of Presidential Click members, a record label allegedly established as an extension of the Shower Posse operations.

After weeks of questioning, she was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing, escaping jailtime, a move that many say, in a round about way, “Dudus” helped her maneuver by his guilty plea.

Stephen H Rosen, Coke’s Lawyer, who is based in Florida, told the Observer that his client’s decision to make a plea was in an effort to have any and all wiretap evidence thrown out.  His guilty plea avoided a lengthy and damaging trial, “I’m pleading guilty because I am,” The New York Times quoted Coke as telling Judge Robert P Patterson

Bebe, a close friend says, “Brandy is a strong chick, through most of the time she was going through all of this she was still carrying on as if nothing had happened. She buried herself into school and work and never spoke much about it, I would ask her about it occassionally but she would just brush it off or say everything was cool.”

In 2009, Brandy formed her own marketing and networking company & charity fundraising organization. Her charity helps provide clothing, food, and financial aid to family members in the poverty stricken Tivoli Gardens neighborhood of Jamaica, Chris Coke’s homeland, as well as Atlanta area neighborhoods where she resides.

Christopher “Dudus” Coke is serving a 23 yr prison sentence in a Federal Correctional Institution, Edgefield, in South Carolina. He is due to be released in the year 2030, and has requested to be deported back to his homeland of West Jamaica.

Though Christopher Coke is incarcerated, he still has a massive following of supporters. The “strongman” was often referred to as the “president” of his community and treated like royalty by neighborhood locals.

Brandy, who is now married to an alleged capo of the Black Mafia Family (BMF), is currently a digital filmmaking & video production student.

She also serves as a professional screenwriter of  independent films and is anticipated to co-produce a Docu-Film which will highlight the REAL inside story of the business savvy ex crime boss and his “soliders”.

She is expected to return to Mr Coke’s homeland neighborhood of Tivoli Gardens in 2014 to capture raw footage for the Independent Film Documentary: 

Last King of Jamrock

For the full story on “Dudus” Coke Check Out The Article:

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Brian Perry, Freelance Journalist

CNN, Guardian UK

Brandy Cavalli Coke – Jamaican Shower Posse


Brandy “Bee” Cavalli Coke:::: Alias::: IL Capitana Affiliation:: Presidential Click of West Kingston, Jamaica – Leader Christopher Dudus Coke

Brandy Cavalli Coke is best known and described as a “hustler” in her own right. Beginning a career in the music industry at age 18, she was always accustomed to the fast party girl lifestyle that came with the entertainment world. She eventually found herself in the arms of some of “the baddest” bad boys and like many other women before her, found herself having to take care of herself once the “bomb dropped”. She is a very smart and well spoken young lady and has proven to be very capable of taking care of herself and others by leading a 20 man team, ironically called “The Mob”.

CNN entertainment journalist, Brian Perry, had the chance to visit Ms Coke while filming for her new DVD series, Married Gully and spend some time with the lady of “The Mob” known as “IL Capitana”. They discussed everything from business to fashion to the lifestyle that has put most of her men in prison as well as took the life of her first beloved fiance. She is a strong lady that does not let her past define her. She has somewhat of an “old” wise soul with a young cool swagger, she is a woman of power and virtue who has become successful by her own sheer will and determination.

Now married to “Big Dave” of the Black Mafia Family, Brandy is busy in her new role as a wife and she plans to launch a few business endeavors with her husband. The two are planning to produce a line of top shelf VODKA in which he plans to name after her.

She is a woman of determination and resillience that seems to always land on her feet. When she is not writing movies about the mob, she is married to the mob, but she is no typical mobwife. She is an entrepreneur and woman of her own intelligence and drive. She defines herself before she allows anyone else to define her. She is soft and powerful, sassy yet very sweet.

“A Day With Brandy Cavalli Coke” Interview Coming Soon!

Gangster Girls Europe

GANGSTER GIRLS (Europe) Co-Written By Tina Leisch & Ursula Wolschlager takes you on a journey of Gangster Girls in European prison. The filmmakers successfully use makeup and theatrical performance to create an empowering  space for the “gangster girls” to tell THEIR stories.


They are caught in between heroin trips and toy pistol muggings, between mad shopping sprees and depths of misery. They learn English and jail slang. They crave for substitute happiness smuggled into their cells and the next leave.

At the only women’s prison in Austria, Schwarzau, drug mules, robbers, and frauds share their cells and their yearnings for love, tobacco, and shower gel. They dream of their children who are far away or one of the inmates from Gerasdorf, the prison for male juveniles, brought to the women’s prison once a week for a co-ed theater workshop. What put them behind bars and what is prison doing to them? The young women’s improvised answers on stage are often entirely different than those that they give in intensive interview tableaus. This gives rise to a complex picture, drawn by the prisoners themselves, of the social space of the prison.

The Gangster’s Girl: Last Girl Standing will be an emotional followup to Gangster Girls Europe. Gangster Girls: Last Girl Standing, Co-written by Tracy Bonn and Brandy Nicole Cavalli will focus on the women’s lives after the men in their lives have been removed by either death or jail sentences.

Check Out The Official Trailer for Gangster Girls (Europe)

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Producer’s Note

Thank you for your interest in The Gangster Girls Documentary: The Last Girl Standing


We look forward bringing you a heartfelt film that will both uplift and encourage young girls and women to overcome tragic situations and be victorious.

These women found themselves caught up in the grips of the street life, but through determination and focus, they were able release the grips of the streets and take control of their lives.

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the cast of Gangster Girls, please email 

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Female Gangsters: Stephanie St. Clair

Stephanie St. Clair aka Queenie or Madam Queen was a numbers runner in Harlem in the 1920′s. She went to war with the notorious Jewish gangster, Dutch Schultz, in the 1930s over the Harlem gambling territory. She would publicly expose NYPD officers for corruption by placing advertisements in several leading newspapers about the bribes she gave them.

One of her protege’s, Ellsworth “Bumpy Johnson,” would become a legendary gangster in his own right, being immortalized in the movies “Hoodlum” and “American Gangster.”