SCREENPLAY: Brandy Cavalli Coke

Brandy “Bee” Cavalli is the daughter of a successful music executive, and the marketing brains behind the scenes of various entertainment endeavors both nationally and internationally

Brandy resides in Atlanta GA, where she began her career in entertainment at age 18 working for an independent music & entertainment company

As a young lady, Miss Cavalli-Coke admits that she always had a thing for “bad boys”. While she may have turned a blind eye to the activities of the men in her life, the streets eventually caught up to those men and her worst fears came to pass

At age 21, she suffered what she calls “a major loss” and “the saddest and most devastating situation ever” when her fiance was murdered in a street war. After years of extreme depression, she decided to pick up the pieces and savage what was left of her life

Always a woman of her own independence and connections, she reversed her tradgedy and enrolled into an all women’s private college and eventually went on become a successful business woman in Marketing & Sales of corporate America

Prior to her successful Marketing & Advertising career in corporate America, Brandy worked with numerous reggae and hip hop artist under the former entertainment company, Presidential Click, owned  by notorious Jamaican crime boss, Christopher “Dudus” Coke. The Presidential Click, most known for sponsoring the very popular “Champions In Action” concerts in which thousands attended at Jam World, Portmore, St Catherine (Jamaica).

In 2010, Brandy was called into questioning. The case against various members of the Jamaican Shower Posse and affiliates of “Presidential Click”  was widely publicized and resulted in multiple life sentence convictions. Brandy was ultimately cleared and acquitted of any wrong-doing and credits the judge in the case for “blessing” her with a second chance


Brandy Cavalli heads to court to answer to questioning in the federal racketeering case Photo Credit: Jamrock Today / Twitter

She used her second chance and started her own marketing network. In her spare time she writes for her blog The Pen Hustler. She also coordinates and facilitates donations for her charity organization The Prettie Committee

Brandy, currently a writer and crime researcher is instrumental in the production of various crime based documentaries. In addition to “The Last Girl Standing,” her production team is anticipated to co-produce a Docu-Film, “The Last King Of Jamrock”, which she says will highlight the REAL inside story of the business savvy ex crime boss and his “soldiers”

Brandy Cavalli’s story is a story of redemption. She has used her trials, turned them into triumph and proved why she is “The Last Girl Standing”

We look forward to working with Brandy’s team to bring you the REAL inside stories of today’s most infamous GANGSTER GIRLS