Must Read: The Law Of Self Defense

Open Your Mind, Read This Book, And Learn the Powerful Legal Truth That Can Safe Your Life, Wealth And Personal Freedom

Let’s face it, the world isn’t always nice. That’s why you take steps to protect yourself and your family. Whether it be that shotgun in the corner, the sidearm on your hip, or the pepper spray you gave your daughter, you meet that fundamental responsibility. But if you’re like most people, your preparations still lack a critical element. That missing element is the knowledge needed to survive the critical fight that looms after any defensive encounter: the legal battle. The Law of Self Defense provides precisely that critical, missing element. This book includes not just the laws of all fifty states, but how the courts apply those laws.  It’s a plain-talk analysis that makes the law easy to understand, not just lawyers.   Learn how to make fast, effective decisions and confidently handle life-and-death situations both tactically and legally.

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