Yovanna Guzman – Columbian Cartel Wife

Meet Yovanna Guzman

Cocaine bosses send their girls to plastic surgeries; sometimes they shoot them in the legs, follow them around and buy them expensive cars.

Many beauty queens, models, actresses or ‘ordinary’ girls contact Colombian masters of life and death in pursuit of lives of luxury.

Most of these girls do not want to talk about relationships they’ve had with heads of drug chains, and fewer still want to stand in front of the camera because they usually settle for living glamorously in the shadows.

But this is not the only reason they do not want to talk. They are also afraid of the police and they protect their partners, since it is possible that they take away all of their illegally acquired property.

One of the few women who decided to speak out is a wife of drug boss,Yovanna Guzman, a former beauty queen and blond model who was locked in her underground cage for eight years.



Guzman argues that the only valid passport for drug world is a good look and a minimum of intelligence. That same passport helped her become a girlfriend of Wilber Varela, the boss of North Valle cocaine cartel.

The young girl said that she knew from the beginning that Varela has two faces, one that sees her and the other one that orchestrates the cartel murders. He always described himself as the best friend and the worst enemy.

At a time when she was with him, the Colombian government accused him of using speedboat to import tons of cocaine from Central America to the United States. Reward of 5 million was issued for his capture, writes CNN.

Problems did not stop there as Varela was increasingly sought after for brutality within his own drug cartel.

However, this same Varela initially attracted the young, then 19-year-old Guzman, who then saw his photo with ‘wanted’ sign underneath. Varela asked her not to ask too many questions, she explains. Her silence was paid for with a mountain of expensive gifts, and she even suspects that Varela bribed the organizers and bought her a title of beauty queen.

– We took many holidays, drove luxury cars, SUV’s, I received a pile of expensive jewelry, but also small things – like flowers. Of course, luxury does not make you fall in love, but it does blind you. Eventually tough, you can’t help but wonder where the love has gone and what happened to the principles – said Guzman.


Yovanna argues that the first gift she received was a precious Rolex, followed by a Cartier wristwatch, a pile of diamonds, jewelry, luxury sports cars, and even a few luxury suites.

But everything has its price and designer clothes can make you happy for only so long. Head of the drug cartel eventually became sick jealous and he did not allow her to have her picture taken with any of her male friends, and nobody was suppose to see her, let alone touch her.

When the government tightened their search for Varela, she rarely saw him, but cartel members continuously followed her. Finally, Guzman, decided to resist the life of luxury and break up with him.

Fearing betrayal, they shot her in the leg

His rowdy gang members realized what she was up to and they shot her in the leg to warn her. She is not able to walk properly even today.

After one of the cartel members killed Varela last year, Guzman decided to write a book on her experience and she hopes that other women will learn from her unfortunate experience.

Ordinary Colombians are very fond of and very attracted to glamorous lives of drug bosses. This is evident by a mass popularity of Colombian TV series that talk about such milieu and where life on the high leg is glorified.

One of the most watched soap operas of this type is certainly Mafia Dollswhere, after the airing, a young actress playing mafia girlfriend received a number of offers from real drug bosses.

BMW X5 SUV and $ 7500 for one night with the actresses

– These junkies watch television and look for fresh meat. I started getting calls, and one night, showbiz writer called me after he was persuaded by one of the cartel heads from the Medellin. He wanted to pay $7.500 for a night spent with me – says the actress who rejected the offer.

Only one day after she refused, they placed a new BMW X5 SUV wrapped in a huge bow in front of her house. The car was returned to the owner, although she still does not want to reveal how she acquired his address.

– They are all the same; all they care about is the bra size. If they want you, they will send you to the plastic surgery and make sure you get some silicone implants, however, they are the ones deciding on the size, not you.