Top 10 Gangster Females Of All Time

Remember the movie Godfather that was based on a novel by the same name? And the character itself “Godfather”, was a highly iconic character. But do not limit your brains to the prospect of Godfathers only. Yes! there exist Godmothers as well. Women with knuckles of steel that can apparently beat the hell out of you. We are talking about real life and not movie life female mob bosses and gangsters, women that most men would die at the sight off and no, not because they are drop dead gorgeous but just because they are that harmful and ruthless. Read below to find out the ten women who are still considered some of the most terrifying females in the world.


In between the years 1931 to 1934, a couple by the name Bonnie and Clyde became very famous as outlaws. They committed crimes in the United States. It is rumored that Bonnie fell in love with Clyde on sight and then joined his gang on the road. They made headlines all over the country and stayed on the wanted list for a long time. Bonnie was an accomplice to everything that Clyde did but they were known for their politeness. Well it’s not unusual to find a few decent gangsters now is it.


The Moran family is an organization in Melbourne, Australia which can turn the otherwise peaceful city into dodge city. The most impressive thing about his feared family is the person who holds the reign. Judy Moran is the stealthy yet stubborn female mob boss. She is 66 years old and is considered as the family matriarch because of the varied types of responsibilities that she has. She is known to bake cookies for her boys when they come back from a day of “errands” and despite that soft corner, she will rip the ears off anyone who crosses her way. She certainly looks like that!


Coming back to gangster women who did it for love, we have Julie Lucas. Being the home-coming queen she fell in love with home-coming king and then later married him. The king being Frank Lucas who had turned the city of North Carolina from Harlem to a heroine haven. From their various acts they had gathered enough loot to live a lavish lifestyle that included Mercs and Diamonds. Julie’s loyalty to her husband and his business was proven when she spent five years in prison for it. She was caught again in 2010 when she tried selling cocaine to an informant. Well like they say, old habits die-hard.


The Chinese Triads are some of the most feared criminal organizations in the world, with their tendrils stretching all over the globe. Chinese society prides itself on being egalitarian, so it should be no surprise that women can reach lofty positions in the triads. Xie Caiping was the godmother of a criminal group in the enormous city of Chongqing, and her network of gambling dens, human smuggling and drug trafficking made her enormously wealthy.


She is basically famous for being a part of the “Baby Faced Nelson” gang. It is a well-known fact that she was completely loyal to the man that she had married and therefore participated in everything that he did which included bank robberies and crime all over the country. They became part of the Dillinger gang in 1934 and in the spring of the same year FBI agents flagged them to Wisconsin. There was a shoot out which killed Baby Faced Nelson, he died in his wife’s arms. After her husband’s death she no longer continued and handed herself in.


She was trained to be a Mexican Godmother  and to top it all her uncle was considered the person on top of the ring of the Mexican drug dealers. She also helped others in developing and coming up with smuggling routes over the pacific coast of Mexico.


She is in this list mainly because she is the sister of Raffaele Cutolo, the mob boss of NCO (Nuova Camorra Organizzata) which was (in 1980′s) considered to be the biggest and most powerful crime family in Italy. She took over the business when her brother got caught and cuffed. While he served in prison, she not only followed orders from him but also made her own deals with the likes of mobsters from South America and Sicily.


She was the boss of the bosses of the Naples underworld and came to reign after two of her brothers along with her husband were arrested. Under her rule the family business became more lucrative and organized. From 1993 to 2001 she was the head of the Licciardi clan and introducing prostitution into Camorra was perhaps her mainstream contribution.


At the sweet little age of 44 she is the mother to 13 kids. And like all good mothers, in between nap times and changing diapers she single-handedly became the owner and controller of a trans-US-Mexican drug trafficking and human smuggling operation.


She moved to Columbia in the 70′s after which she started her own drug business and later moved to Miami in fear of being indicted. She dreamed of turning Miami into the Cocaine capital of the US in spite of which she master minded around 200 murders. The three dead husbands of hers are touted to be a part of the whole figure of murders to her name.