Brandy Cavalli Coke – Jamaican Shower Posse


Brandy “Bee” Cavalli Coke:::: Alias::: IL Capitana Affiliation:: Presidential Click of West Kingston, Jamaica – Leader Christopher Dudus Coke

Brandy Cavalli Coke is best known and described as a “hustler” in her own right. Beginning a career in the music industry at age 18, she was always accustomed to the fast party girl lifestyle that came with the entertainment world. She eventually found herself in the arms of some of “the baddest” bad boys and like many other women before her, found herself having to take care of herself once the “bomb dropped”. She is a very smart and well spoken young lady and has proven to be very capable of taking care of herself and others by leading a 20 man team, ironically called “The Mob”.

CNN entertainment journalist, Brian Perry, had the chance to visit Ms Coke while filming for her new DVD series, Married Gully and spend some time with the lady of “The Mob” known as “IL Capitana”. They discussed everything from business to fashion to the lifestyle that has put most of her men in prison as well as took the life of her first beloved fiance. She is a strong lady that does not let her past define her. She has somewhat of an “old” wise soul with a young cool swagger, she is a woman of power and virtue who has become successful by her own sheer will and determination.

Now married to “Big Dave” of the Black Mafia Family, Brandy is busy in her new role as a wife and she plans to launch a few business endeavors with her husband. The two are planning to produce a line of top shelf VODKA in which he plans to name after her.

She is a woman of determination and resillience that seems to always land on her feet. When she is not writing movies about the mob, she is married to the mob, but she is no typical mobwife. She is an entrepreneur and woman of her own intelligence and drive. She defines herself before she allows anyone else to define her. She is soft and powerful, sassy yet very sweet.

“A Day With Brandy Cavalli Coke” Interview Coming Soon!