Glambar owner and former kingpin girlfriend, sentenced to 1 year in jail

sabrina peterson glam bar mugshot 2013

Meet Sabrina Peterson, former owner of The  Glam Bar Salon.

The Glam Bar Salon, which closed several months ago, gained popularity by  it’s downtown location and high-profile clientele.

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It’s rumored that Peterson’s ‘questionable’ business practices that became the demise of the location, with many of her  patrons opting to separate themselves from the drama in the salon, which  specialized in Black haircare & weaves.

After the salon closed, Peterson delved into online sales by pitching her  high-priced human hair via social networks like instagram and twitter.

Sabrina, is now using her social networks to  gather support about an upcoming jail stint, prompting questions about her  situation.

Sabrina tweet

Full mugshot + details below…

Sabrina Robertson Mugshot 2013

The former ‘glam’ girl is rumored to be  turning herself in to autorities on April 26, 2013 to serve a one year bid for  slicing and dicing a former friend.

An anonymous source revealed:

She actually was wanted for attempted murder after she slashed up the girl  who was babysitting for her. Sabrina had loaned the girl her car so that she  could go get her nails done and it took too long. K. Michelle (of Love and Hip Hop fame) was there when it  all went down too.

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Sabrina called the girl asking ‘where the  f**k her car was’ and the girl told her she was getting her nails done just like  she told her. When she got back with the car, Sabrina ran out of the house  swinging on her and had a razar in between her knuckles. She cut the girl up so  bad that she slashed an artery.

The police had to become involved when the girl went to the hospital because  she wouldn’t stop bleeding and they told Sabrina to turn herself in. She was on  the run for a while but eventually she did (ie the new mugshot).

That’s the case she’s been fighting. At least this month.

Some might remember Sabrina from an interview we posted previously in which she claims to be the former girlfriend of Black Mafia Family leader, Demetrius ‘Big Meech’ Flenory.

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