Black Mafia Family (BMF) Wives Appear on The Ricki Lake Show


Earlier this year, (The Jasmine Brand) shared news that a new reality show calledBMF Wives, was being shopped around. In short, the  potential show follows some of the wives and girlfriends of members of the  well-known (alleged) drug organization Black Mafia Family. To date, there is no word on whether the show has been picked up by a network.

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However, some of the women (Toni Welch, Lisa Buford and Janell Hall) are  being featured on an upcoming episode of The Ricki Lake Show

 According to the show’s site, here’s a description:

Today’s guests are women whose significant other is currently serving time  behind bars. Ricki first speaks with women attached to members of “The  Black Mafia Family” (aka, the BMF), a notorious American drug ring. Two years  ago, Janell began dating ‘Big Meech,’ (co-founder of the BMF) and lived a  glamorous lifestyle until it imploded when he was sentenced to 30 years in  prison for drug-trafficking and money laundering.  Despite his conviction,  Janell is standing by her man and plans to marry him when he is released in  2032. Lisa married PJ, another member of the BMF, whose life also came  crashing down after his conviction. Suffering from depression, she has decided  to divorce and move on with her life. Toni was not only married to a convicted member of the BMF, she also served four years in prison on a money  laundering charge. In addition, Ricki sits down with Kristen, a woman who  says she met the love of her life online, although he’s a convicted felon who is  currently serving a 30-year sentence for murder. And, Ramona Rizzo, star of  VH1′s “Mob Wives,” shares details about her upcoming nuptials to Joe, her  incarcerated fiancé who she plans to wed over the phone. Joining the  conversation is Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis, a licensed psychologist and associate  professor at Pepperdine University, who sheds some light on this attraction to  men behind bars and men who lead criminal lives.

Original Story By The Jasmine Brand