Cartel Wives: Maria Victoria Henoa

Columbian drug lord, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, was a very efficient criminal. He was able to elude authorities for a long time, as he built his riches from his cocaine empire. During his time as a criminal, he acquired many homes, cars and airplanes.  In the latter part of the 1980’s, he even tried his hand at politics in Columbia.

In the spring of 1976, 26 year old Escobar married Maria Victoria; she was 11 years his junior. She lived a good life with her husband and two children. By 1989, Forbes had listed the man’s worth at $24 billion. Still, her husband was a criminal and found himself fleeing constantly to elude capture. He lived many years away from his family but close enough to always know what was going on. Ever the loyal wife, she aided her husband in remaining hidden. That is, until authorities caught on.

Unable to flee Columbia, and under constant surveillance and guard,  the wife of the ruthless killer was under pressure. Informed that she would soon be left alone if her husband didn’t surrender, she asked authorities to give him more time. Escobar didn’t surrender; he had to be found. Unfortunately, he was also killed in December of 1993, by Columbian National Police.

After her husband’s death, Maria Victoria Henoa attempted to start a real estate company. Upon finding out her true identity, her accountant tried to blackmail her. When she tried to report it, she was forced to reveal her identity and ties to Pablo Escobar.  Subsequently, she was detained and imprisoned for 1 ½ years on money laundering charges.