Gangster’s Wives: Virginia Hill

Virginia Hill was a courier for an organized crime outfit that was stationed in Chicago. However, she is known more for her role as the girlfriend of Genovese Crime family mobster, Bugsy Siegel. In 1951, Hill was subpoenaed to testify in court, before a committee that was specially put together to investigate the underworld movements of the mob. She denied being aware of any organized crime. She also told investigators that she maintained her lifestyle with gifts that her many boyfriends gave her because of her sexual abilities.

Virginia left for Europe when she was charged with tax evasion. She remained there until the time of her suspicious death in 1966. It was believed that she had committed suicide, by taking sleeping pills. However, her body was found near a stream, just two days after she met with a former lover. That old lover was Joe Adonis; one-time Genovese family boss. Adonis swore that he had two of his bodyguards escort the woman home. She never made it. Many believed that she tried to use what she knew about the Italian Mafia to swindle money from the man.